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about us

Who we are

Swiss-textiles-shop belongs to Okutex AG, founded in 1963. Okutex AG is a small but sophisticated manufacturer of textiles based in St.Gallen - a place renowned for its world-famous textiles. 

The company passed on to the next generation in 1987 and entered into a new era of textile design. Our innovative ideas and a demand for highest quality keeps us up to date in the international world of fashion.

Swiss-textiles-shop offers you a full range of textiles. We are proud to continue the tradition and sell fabrics from St.Gallen/Switzerland. Our selection includes pure cotton fabrics, embroideries and unique prints, as well as Italian finest silk. Quality plays a key role for us. Our fabrics meet the highest quality standards and are all produced in Europe, mostly in Switzerland.


What we believe in


It is a matter of great importance for us to ensure the highest quality in every respect. The satisfaction of our clients and employees is our first priority. All of our fabrics are 100 percent natural fibers and have no chemical ingredients.

We believe in a resource-gentle and local production. As far as possible, we let our fabrics produce close to St.Gallen and finish in long-established companies around Switzerland.

Our Vision does not stop with our company. We would like to continue the ancient textile tradition of St.Gallen and we want to pass on our knowledge to the following generations.


We believe in our fabrics and want to share them with you.